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Walter introduces the new Tiger tec® Gold turning grades for hard steels

With the WKP01G and WPP05G grades, Walter introduces two innovative, high-performance turning cutting materials that reduce machining time by 20 to 30 percent. The WKP01G grade was developed specifically for finishing high-strength steels and cast irons (GGG/GG) with the highest cutting speed, and with this focus it is unique on the market. The optimized rounding of the cutting edges of the turning inserts improves the surface quality of the workpiece, the multi-stage additional surface treatment ensures a very smooth clamping surface, which significantly reduces friction. The WPP05G grade is designed for medium machining and roughing of steel with maximum cutting speed. Both cutting materials are very well suited for smooth cutting and slightly interrupted cutting in materials with high strength (900-1400 N/mm²).

An absolutely unique feature of the pads is the coating with the patented Tiger tec® Gold technology: The highly textured MT-TiCN multilayer coating with a fine columnar structure increases toughness and resistance to back wear and cratering. Thanks to this, these grades enable an increase in machining speed and the related productivity by 20 to 30% compared to standard ISO P10 grades. Walter offers new varieties in approximately 130 variants with eleven different geometries. Areas of application are large-scale and mass production in the automotive or energy industry (for example, transmission components, gears, rotor heads), general engineering (for example, forged shafts) or the rail industry (for example, wheelsets).

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